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Innovative and sustainable solutions to cities and markets

The current context and demands require permanent search for solutions to develop modern, intelligent and results-oriented public management, conducted with transparency and following good practices of expenditure control and quality. Corporations, in turn, endeavor to be more competitive and well-prepared for the challenges posed by the market.

These are the guiding premises that EGL Engineering follows when implementing innovative solutions in the fields of transportation and urban mobility, traffic ticket management, traffic engineering, geoprocessing, multi-purpose technical registry, PPPs and public modernization. The integration of these areas and incorporation of information technology as key element to foster agility and cost-effectiveness ensure differentiated products, thus collaborating with the management and sustainability of cities and markets.


Reach and remote offices

National reach with staff trained at headquarters to closely work with companies and municipal, state and federal agencies. Remote offices equipped to cater to project execution, strengthening the presence and performance in these localities.

Expertise and multidisciplinarity

The expertise of its human capital begets high-performance technical work for clients of different sizes and complexities. The company also works in complementary areas, distinguishing the development of its products and services.

Focus on result

EGL Engineering helps public agencies or private companies to perform better in their markets, be it technical, operational, economic, financial, social or environmental. This work is fruit of strategic actions that are structured, coordinated and integrated with clients.


EGL Engineering has two proprietary systems registered at PROSOFT, the Operational Control Center and the Territorial Information System. The PROSOFT allows agencies to use the main national financing lines to purchase these systems.

Esri Partner Network

EGL Engineering maximizes the development of services and products through a partnership with Esri, which grants constant access to powerful geographic intelligence technologies, the ArcGIS Platform, and ongoing training for its staff.

Microsoft Partner Network

It optimizes the development and integration of its services
and products through a partnership with Microsoft, which provides
access to its solutions and permanent training for its entire team.


It has a public and voluntary commitment to disseminate practices to prevent and combat corruption, adopting instruments that prevent, detect and treat any deviation from the rules, such as the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Access Integrity Program

ISO 9001

Focus on the constant search for customer satisfaction. In building an organizational culture, which strives for quality and compliance with regulations, it applies modern management practices, mobilizing its workforce that provides greater operational efficiency.

Access Integrity Program

Modern, one-of-a-kind and high-quality services

With over 20 years of experience, EGL Engineering gathers a multidisciplinary and specialized team providing modern, one-of-a-kind and high-quality work.

To develop its services, EGL Engineering is supported by outstanding technology infrastructure with its own data center and modern simulation and planning tools.

It works nationwide in several segments such as transportation, infrastructure, housing, industry, commerce, among others.




Tailored products and commitment to clients


EGL Engineering develops flexible and tailored solutions that cater to the needs of its clients.

Solutions result from dynamic and bold work that generates differentiated projects, built in an integrated way, adapted to each type of business.

Compliance with deadlines, costs and quality and full satisfaction are realities and commitments of the company with its clients.

It is member of the Esri Partner Network – EPN – an accelerator driver to the development of its geographic intelligence technologies, which enable permanent training to the staff and access to the most powerful current mapping and analysis platform, the ArcGIS.


Territorial Information System of the Multi-purpose Technical Registry


Integrated System of Knowledge and Management designed to IPHAN


Passengers Transportation Management and Operational Control System


Georeferenced System of Permissions and Inspection Acts of Civil Works and Postures



DNIT Traffic Tickets Processing and Management
The successful experience of Brazil with the National Electronic Speed ​​Control Program – PNCV and the National Weighing Program – PNP, headed by the National Department of Transportation Infrastructure – DNIT, which reduced more than 20% of road accidents in the country, required structuring a modern, agile and full processing of traffic violations, including image checking, violation notice printing, proceedings fact finding, document scanning, traffic engineering studies, information technology, service to citizens, among others.
Technical Studies for the PPP of Metro Salvador - Salvador / BA

Studies to support the basic reference design to the award, through public-private partnership (PPP), of concession to build and operate the high-capacity metro-railway transportation system on the Salvador / Lauro de Freitas corridor (Metro Salvador).


Modeling of the Roraima Intercity Transportation - RR

Studies to define the concession of the public intercity passengers’ transportation system lines of the state of Roraima, including elaboration of the draft notice, basic design, service budget, feasibility studies, specific rules, revision of related laws, evaluation system , specification of electronic ticketing, specification of electronic monitoring and control system, contract and advice to the whole bidding process.

Road Engineering Projects to the Macapá Public Transportation System - AP

Technical studies and basic and executive projects to implement more than 38 km of Bus Rapid System – BRS mass transportation corridors in the municipality of Macapá. It included projects to restructure the transportation network lines, city planning, accessibility at stop points, cycle paths (19.5 km), sidewalks (26.2 km), linear parks, as well as complementary projects of bridges and integration stations.

Traffic Impact on Real Estate Developments

Traffic, urbanization and road system studies covering an area of ​​approximately 1.4 km², with the objective of measuring the impact of the implementation of a 1,200-apartment real estate development and proposing mitigating measures to cater to additional requests by the traffic authority (DER).

Multi-purpose Technical Registration, SIT and PGV in Mossoró - RN

Elaboration and implementation of the Multi-purse Technical Registry (CTM), providing Georeferenced Territorial Information system to integrate and manage data and information on the real estate, street furniture and infrastructure registry, and of the municipal cartographic database. The Generic Values Ground Plant (PGV) was its main differential.


Multi-purpose Technical Registry, SIT and Land Management, Rio Verde - GO

Promotion of the modernization of municipal urban management through the implementation of the Multipurpose Technical Registry (CTM) and the Territorial Information System (SIT). The project’s objective is to ensure that municipal registries are updated and consolidated in a corporate database so that data and information are integrated and shared by the various municipal secretariats.


BRT Operational Structuring - Belém / PA
Studies on the operational structure of the BRT in Belem, comprising functional design, management model, remuneration and grant (concession) design for the whole integrated passengers’ transportation of Belem, state of Para.
Audit to the Concession of the Anhanguera Portion LRV - Goiania / GO

Execution of specialized advisory services to check compliance with the basic design approved by the State, to the detailed engineering design presented by the companies participating in the Manifestation of Interest Procedure (PMI) to implement, maintain and operate, as public-private partnership (PPP), a public metro-railway passengers’ transportation mode on the Anhanguera Portion (LRV Goiania).

Ponta Porã Urban Mobility Plan - MS

Delivery of specialized services to design the Ponta Porã Urban Mobility Plan. The Plan aims at setting the guidelines for improving the population’s mobility and logistic of circulation of circulation of goods and services, providing citizens with access to the opportunities offered by the city, under proper conditions of easy flow, safety and comfort. The work was carried out in coordination with the Municipal Master Plan and the Multipurpose Technical Registry – CTM, matching the projects on city expansion with the population’s mobility.

Civil Works and Postures License and Inspection System, Rio de Janeiro - RJ
The GeoSISLIC is a web-based system composed of a set of business modules, aimed at different user profiles, equipped with a tool that will enable the execution of activities related to the georeferencing of new processes, products and inspection acts; consultations and analysis of literal and geographic information; and, also, a set of tools to handle with the legacy database (georeferencing of previous data currently existing in the Sislic base). This system serves the Municipal Urban Development Secretariat of the city of Rio de Janeiro.
Impact on Traffic for industrial hubs

Studies and elaboration of the Report on Traffic Impact resulting from the facilities of six Cement Plants of the Votorantim Group. Studies were carried out to the hubs of Cuiabá – MT, Edealina – GO, Primavera – PA, Saivá (Rio Branco do Sul – PR), São Luís – MA and Ituaçu – BA.

Multi-purpose Registry, SIT and Readdressing in Manaus - AM
Real Estate and Street Furniture Registration Renewal to the city of Manaus and its administration based on urban real estate registration and registration renewal services, including street property registration, elaboration and modeling of corporate database, and development and implementation of a web-based Geographic Information System.
Multi-purpose Technical Registry, SIT and Master Plan in Ponta Porã - MS
The CTM, supported by the SIT, can promote efficient urban space management through knowledge about the territory, providing technicians and managers with appropriate, consistent and integrated information from the various sector-specific registers in order to provide planning, actions and objective public policies. Following were the main sector-specific registries comprised by the project: basic navigation, people, real estate, commercial activities, infrastructure, education, health, and land use planning. The main differential of this project was the use of CTM to update the Municipal Master Plan and to elaborate the Urban Mobility Plan.

About us

Our Team

By striving for the excellence of its work, EGL has a highly qualified and multidisciplinary team formed by masters and doctors in engineering, urbanism, transport, logistics, geoprocessing, territorial planning and environmental management 

It has specialists in information technology, project management, public management and PPPs, in addition to professionals with expertise in the legal, economic and social areas.



“The high-level studies, analyses and reports produced by EGL’s technical staff were fundamental to support the decision of expanding TCB’s field of work in the Federal District, serving the population with quality Executive Transportation, and students from public schools with new bus fleet in the On the Way to School Program. I would also like to than EGL’s dedication and competence in the development and implementation of the company’s web-based Bus Fleet Monitoring System. ”

Carlos Alberto Koch Ribeiro

Presidency of the Collective Transportation Society of Brasilia

“In 2014, the EGL ENGINEERING was hired to prepare the diagnosis, governance vision and objectives to the Administrative and Fiscal Management Operational Planning of Barra Mansa. The work was very thorough, and even grounded other managerial actions developed by administration in the field of ​​administrative organization.”

Ronaldo Alcedo Reis Alves

Municipal Secretary of Urban Planning of Barra Mansa, Rio de Janeiro

“The EGL provided services to the municipality of BELEM, from 2014 to 2015, in the BRT BELEM Project, acting as a partner company, delivering outstanding services compliant with the contract, being always present and innovative.”

Maisa Tobias

Executive Superintendent of Urban Mobility of Belem/Para

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