Integrity Program 

Since the beginning of its activities, in October 2003, EGL Engenharia has sought to differentiate itself in the market by tracing strategic and structuring actions, with technology and innovation as strong allies.

Its commitment to ethics and integrity continues at the same pace, assuming a public and voluntary commitment, before all sectors of society, to adopt and disseminate practices and measures to prevent and combat corruption within its institution and in dealing with third parties.

To that end, it adapted the company’s organizational culture and internal control instruments to an efficient policy where the company and its employees are under an obligation to strictly follow the guidelines of the Integrity Program, acting in compliance with normative and regulatory acts.

The Integrity Program is understood and treated as a set of tools and instruments that provide devices for the company to prevent, detect and treat any deviation from the rules, one of which is the Code of Conduct and Ethics.

The Ethics Committee of EGL Engenharia is formed by a group of four members, composed of:

  • A board representative;
  • A representative of employees;
  • The integrity program coordinator;
  • A representative of the company’s legal counsel, without voting power.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

EGL Engenharia, engaged in building an environment of integrity and trust, institutes its Code of Ethics and Conduct, always pursuing adoption in its business and commercial relations the necessary ethics that they must have, as well as the maintenance of the highest standards in provision of services to its customers.

Elaborated based on the company’s values ​​and within the legal limits, the EGL Engenharia Code of Ethics and Conduct determines the ideal conduct to be followed by all those who provide services to EGL Engenharia or who are part of its staff, regardless of position or position, covering the entire national territory.

You can download our Code of Ethics at this link.

Integrity Channel

The Integrity Channel is an integral part of the Integrity Program of EGL Engenharia, where complaints, questions and doubts related to the Program rules may occur, which will be reported to the Ethics Committee through the following channels: 

The Integrity Channel is conducted by: 

  • Reception and clarification of questions and doubts through e-mail or form 
  • Ensuring confidentiality of the complainant, with the possibility of making anonymous reports 
  • Ensuring confidentiality of fact finding 
  • Non-retaliation against the whistleblower in good faith

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