About Us

The EGL Engineering was created with the purpose of implementing innovative solutions in the fields of transportation and urban mobility, fines management, traffic engineering, geoprocessing, and multi-purpose technical registry. With over 20 years of experience, it brings together a multidisciplinary and specialized team providing modern, one-of-a-kind and high-quality work.

It operates throughout Brazil and its main differential rests on its performance in information technology. The EGL Engineering is responsible for the development of systems that cater to the demands of public institutions and private companies.

Moreover, it aggregates experience in public and private funds raining to the administrative modernization of states and municipalities, thus allowing the execution of transportation and urban planning projects. It is also seasoned in structuring Public-Private Partnerships – PPPs.

To develop its services, the EGL Engineering is supported by outstanding technology infrastructure with its own data center and modern simulation and planning tools.

It works nationwide in several segments such as transportation, infrastructure, housing, industry, commerce, among others.


Develop and implement innovative solutions suitable to the client, in the fields of transportation, mobility, geoprocessing and urban registry that collaborate with the management and sustainability of cities, markets and the society.


Promote the development and integrated organization of cities, businesses and governments, focusing on territorial, social and economic development.

  1. Result: develop products responsive to the clients’ expectations
  2. Communication: participation and sharing of information and decisions between the parties
  3. Motivation: willingness to do enthusiastically
  4. Commitment: responsibility and engagement to meet goals
  5. Competence: hold and apply knowledge and skills
  6. Ethics, as a transversal and essential value of the company.


  1. Increase customer satisfaction by offering services and products with operational efficiency and high quality.
  2. Ensure commitment to the development and implementation of EGL’s Quality Management System, meeting its requirements and seeking continuous improvement.
  3. Seek technology pioneering, developing efficient ways to reach the customer, constantly investing in innovations and in the development of new processes, products and services.
  4. Ensure the undertaking of sustainable actions, emphasizing ethical conduct, the well-being of its employees and social development, continuously complying with the regulations of the sectors in which it operates.
  5. Promote actions for the development and appreciation of employees, understanding that personal and professional growth, added to organizational effectiveness, directly reflect on the quality of products and services, also providing an excellent level of relationship and a favorable environment for teamwork .



It has a public and voluntary commitment to disseminate practices to prevent and combat corruption, adopting instruments that prevent, detect and treat any deviation from the rules, such as the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Access Integrity Program

Transportation and urban mobility

Traffic tickets processing and traffic engineering

Information technology

PPPs and public modernization

Geoprocessing and territorial development




Our Team


Flávio Amaral Ferrari

Managing Partner

Civil Engineer and Expert in Transportation.

Luis Cláudio França

Strategic Alliances Director

Administrator, Master in Transport and Specialist in Productive Development

Marilei Menezes

Planning and Management Executive Officer

Degree in Civil Engineering, Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, and Specialization course in Projects Management.

Diex Letieri Júnior

Relationship Manager – Multipurpose Registry

Bacharel em Sistema de Informação e Especialista em Business Inteligence

Beatriz Berti da Cóstä

Relationship Manager – Transport and Mobility

Transport and Mobility Civil Engineer and PhD in Transport.

Eliezer Vieira da Silva

Relationship Manager – Information Technology

Bachelor of Computer Science and Specialist in Geoprocessing

Fernando Meira de Vasconcelos

Information Technology Coordinator

Specialist in Data Processing and Systems Development

Thiago Avelar Chaves

Registration and Geoprocessing Coordinator

Geographer, Doctor in Geoprocessing

Ana Cláudia Oliveira

Administrative-Financial Coordinator

Business Management and Specialization Course in Public Management.

Ana Paula Martins

Territorial Projects Coordinator

Urbanist Architect, Master’s Degree in Transportation, and Specialization Course in Geoprocessing.

Cláudio Leite de Freitas

Transport and Mobility Coordinator

Civil engineer

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CEP: 70.610-635

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